5 Facts about Charles II


1. Charles II lived his life as a protestant but on his deathbed he converted to Catholicism. This is because he feared the people would not accept a Catholic king.

2. He brought back Christmas. When Oliver Cromwell took over England in 1645, he banned all celebrations surrounding the holiday. Charles II immediately dropped all the legislation and festivities resumed with renewed enthusiasm.

3. Charles II was enormously fond of his toy spaniel, and is recorded as playing with the dog during council meetings. The breed soared in popularity as a result and has since been named after him – the King Charles Spaniel.

4. Infamous for his many mistresses, Charles II nicknamed Louise de Keroualle ‘Fubbs.’ This stems from an old English word meaning chubby.

5. Despite his eccentric tendencies, Charles II was a brave man and took an active part in fighting the great fire of London, endangering his own life. This only increased the love and admiration the people had for him.