5 Unusual historical facts


1. Ferdinand I, Emperor of Austria only has one known direct quote, which he uttered to his cook upon being denied his favourite snack : “I am the Emperor, and I want dumplings!”
2. The origin of twin popsicles can be traced to the great depression. They were invented so that two children could enjoy an ice pop each for just a nickel.
3. There was a plan created by the CIA to drop oversized condoms labeled ‘medium’ into the USSR. The idea was to convince Russian women that Americans were more virile – sadly this plan was never carried out.
4. The oldest known name for Great Britain is Albion
5. Three men were hanged for the murder of a man called William Harrision in 1661. But one year later Harrison himself returned on a ship – he had been kidnapped and enslaved by pirates. This incident led to the “no body, no murder” rule.

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