5 modern celebrities related to famous historical figures


1. The gravelly voiced actor Lee Marvin is related not only to George Washington but also the confederate commander Robert E Lee and founding father Thomas Jefferson.

2. The ‘rock god’ Ozzy Osbourne must have inherited his rebellious nature through his distant relative, the American outlaw Jesse James.

3. Nancy Hanks Lincoln links two famous Americans – 16th president of the United States Abraham Lincoln and Hollywood actor, director and producer Tom Hanks.

4. Star of Harry Potter and The King’s speech Helena Bonham Carter is related to wartime Prime Minister H. H. Asquith – he’s her great grandfather.

5. The uncle and nephew rapping duo LMFAO are related to the 39th American President Jimmy Carter and all three men can trace their ancestry to the king of rock and roll – Mr. Elvis Presley.