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Building the Statue of Liberty

Officially titled ‘Liberty Enlightening the World’. This famous monument was built to commemorate the centenary of the Declaration of Independence

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April 23

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    800px-Blenheim_Palace_'11 Competitions

    Issue 11 Competition

    Win one of two family tickets – valid for two adults and two children – which provides entry to one of the Treasure Houses of England’s attractions of your choice
    V-2_lift-off 2

    How the V-2 rocket worked

    The V-2, short for Vergeltungswaffe-2 and also known as the A-4, was the world’s first ballistic missile and was created by the Nazi military during World War II and has inspired many generations of replicas still in production today

    Inspirational inventors

    Inventors are those among us who see the world just a little differently. Meet three inspiring inventors whose imagination changed the world