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September 23

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    Credit Tim Reckmann

    How It Works: Google Glass

    Packed with fascinating facts, and covering over 200 million years of history, this book is the perfect guide to the world around us
    Credit Press Association

    How It Works: The K’NEX Bloodhound

    Well not quite. Instead, the construction toy giant K’NEX has created a life size replica of the Bloodhound, a 1,609 kilometre per hour (1,000-mile)-per-hour machine completely out of its…

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    What was Checkpoint Charlie?

    Checkpoint Charlie was the name given to the main border crossing for diplomats, journalists and non-German visitors to enter Soviet -controlled East Berlin from West Berlin
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    How It Works: Quiz: How well do you know the US States?

    Loading quiz.. Which state is the largest by area? …

    How It Works: HMS Queen Elizabeth

    The Queen, like many other British monarchs through history, celebrates two birthdays a year