All About History: Book of Ancient Rome available now

All About History Ancient Rome

Our brand new bookazine, the All About History: Book of Ancient Rome is now available from the ImagineShop.

Learn all about the rise and fall of one of the most influential and powerful empires the world has ever seen, and what life was like in the city at the heart of it all.

Inside you will find…

An emerging empire: from its mythical beginning, find out how Rome rose to Kingdom, Republic and then Empire.

Life in ancient Rome: from the Senate to the streets, from luxurious baths to exploited slaves, discover what life was like for the rich and poor.

Rulers of Rome: learn about the many rulers and important players of Rome: merciless Caesar, Mark Antony, Pompey the Great and divine Augustus.

The mighty battles: the power and legacy of Rome’s army remains today, from Egypt to England.

…and much more!

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