The pirate code

Despite their lawless reputation, some groups of pirates did follow strict codes of conduct


Ancient Civilisations

How did they make papyrus?

An ancient form of writing material derived from the plant of the same name, papyrus was important in the development of paper production

Industry & Inventions

What were horsecars?

A key development in public transport, horsecars allowed people to travel cheaply over short distances

Ancient Civilisations

Who was Tutankhamun?

The boy king became famous after the discovery of his tomb in 1922

History Of Royals

Was King Arthur just a myth?

King Arthur’s legend grew massively after the Norman invasion, as Celtic regions sought to reaffirm their
past through heroic tales

Ancient Civilisations

Evolution of the wheel

Since its invention, how has the wheel evolved over the years?

Industry & Inventions

How was stained glass made?

Thanks to the writings of a 12th century monk, we can learn exactly how colourful patterned glass was created in the Middle Ages

Ancient Civilisations

How to build a pyramid

The theories of French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin may hold the key to an ancient mystery

Ancient Civilisations

What was a hill fort?

Providing invaluable defensive strongholds, hill forts were a common feature of Bronze and Iron Age Europe

Industry & Inventions

Galileo’s telescope

Discover how the Italian astronomer explored the skies and revolutionised astronomy

Industry & Inventions

The first printing press

One of the most important inventions in history, the printing press ushered in the democratic dissemination of knowledge. Find out how it worked

History of War

The Enigma machine

Inside the machine that helped the Allies decipher messages and shorten the war

Industry & Inventions

Building the Statue of Liberty

Officially titled ‘Liberty Enlightening the World’. This famous monument was built to commemorate the centenary of the Declaration of Independence

Ancient Civilisations

The history of duelling

Find out about the techniques and chivalric code of duelling

Ancient Civilisations

Petra: the rose red city

From the time of its modern discovery in 1812, Petra has been immortalised by artists, poets and filmakers

Ancient Civilisations

The Rosetta Stone

Learn how this stone helped Egyptologists decipher ancient hieroglyphs

People & Politics

What was the Pony Express?

Despite only existing for 16 months, the Pony Express’s impact on American culture was huge

Industry & Inventions

How the Wright Flyer worked

Find out how the Wright brothers’ first powered plane made it off the ground

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