New from All About History: the Book of Shakespeare

Shakespeare Bookazine

With the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birthday this week, what better time to learn more about one of the world’s most influential playwrights?

All About History brings you the Book of Shakespeare bookazine, your go-to guide containing all you need to know about the life and works of the Bard.

Inside you will find…

His life: from birth to death, learn about his life in Stratford and London

His loves: explore his love of his wife and children and the questions that spur from his sonnets

His works: a master of genres, from comedy to tragedy and historical dramas

His legacy: find out what Shakespeare has done for us

Also discover what life was like in Elizabethan England, the theatre in Tudor times, Shakespeare’s contemporaries, movie adaptations of his plays and plenty more.

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