All About History issue preview – Caesar vs Gaul, building the Berlin Wall, cave paintings

Plus the radical life of Lydia Maria Child, the history of midwifery, child kings, what if Stalin got the bomb first and much more!

Caesar’s path to becoming the most powerful man in Rome led straight through Gaul… and he knew it. When he was given the opportunity to pick a region over which to have dominion, he took Cisalpine Gaul, knowing that any provocation (real or invented) would be an opportunity for military glory. But it could so easily have been his undoing, because he could not have predicted the unifying rise of Vercingetorix.

This is the story that we delve into in the latest issue of All About History, available now at a newsstand near you and available to order from MagazinesDirect. Here’s a closer look at our Caesar vs Gaul feature and the other fascinating stories you can explore in All About History 140.

Rome’s legendary commander looked to sweep through the many regions of Gaul, making a name for himself as a defender of Rome and expanding its power. But, he couldn’t have predicted the unifying leader who would stand up to challenge him and his seemingly unending rise. Discover the full story in our extensive cover feature.

She started out as a celebrated author, pushing the boundaries of social norms in her stories, but when she stood up for the plight of enslaved men and women in pre-Civil War America, Lydia Maria Child was putting her career on the line. Read all about her story and how she woke many Americans up to the evils of slavery in the latest issue.

Proof that as far back into our history as you go, we’ve always been a creative, story-telling people, cave art can be a fascinating window into the interests and concerns of our earliest communities. In All About History 140 we chronicle the oldest cave paintings around the world, what they depict and what we can learn from them.

Seemingly overnight, the East German government surrounded West Berlin and cut it off from the rest of the nation. Why did this happen and how was the Berlin Wall constructed from this point? You can learn all about it in this feature detailing the events leading up to, during and after the rise of this imposing Cold War symbol.

Monarchs don’t typically get a chance to choose when they ascend to the throne, at least if they’re inheriting it, and such was the case for these 10 child kings. Learn how and why they had ultimate power thrust upon them at such young ages and what fate awaited them.

Also in this issue of All About History:

  • We explore the history of Midwifery, from the ancient world to modern times, including illustrated breakdowns of an early maternity ward and a Roman midwife.
  • You can read about and enjoy looking at some of the incredible depictions of the Wars of the Roses by artist Graham Turner as he discusses his work and how he creates such detailed recreations of the medieval world.
  • We ask what would have happened if Stalin had got his hands on the Atom Bomb first? What impact would that have had on the war and could it have shifted the balance of the Cold War to follow? We have an expert to guide us through those questions and more.

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