Radioactive Review

Marie Curie’s life and work is put under the microscope

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The search for historical Jesus

His may be the greatest story ever told, but how do historians sort fact from fiction when it comes to Jesus?

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British women in India

Author Katie Hickman discusses the pioneer women who headed east rather than west to seek their freedom, fortune or simply new lives

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Lesser-known Lore of Werewolves

Every culture adds their own new piece to the werewolf legend, but what elements haven’t quite caught on with the rest of the world?

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The Road To Rebuilding Britain

World War II tore homes and families apart, but Britain would rise stronger than ever

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10 Marvellous Medics

Meet ten men and women who had a lasting impact on medicine in the medieval world

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Australia’s First Penal Colony

How punitive criminal sentences, a gruelling journey and years of backbreaking labour forged the modern-day land down under

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Mussolini Vs The Mafia

The Italian dictator declared war on the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, but its suppression at home led inexorably to its rise in America

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The Birth Of Hollywood

How four penniless Jewish immigrant siblings changed the face of entertainment forever and wrote their own fairy tale

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England’s Last Duel

For centuries, duelling was a gentleman’s right to keep their honour, before the practice was made unlawful. However, there was still time for one last duel in England…

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What Were The Witch Hunts?

The witch-hunters of early modern Europe and America saw thousands tortured and sentenced to death, but what was a witch-hunt and why did this notorious practice happen?

People & Politics

The Myths Of Robin Hood

Hero, archer, lover, poacher, murderer, thief, vagabond… The story of Robin Hood has taken many forms through the ages, but is there any truth in the legend?

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