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England’s Last Duel

For centuries, duelling was a gentleman’s right to keep their honour, before the practice was made unlawful. However, there was still time for one last duel in England…

People & Politics

What Were The Witch Hunts?

The witch-hunters of early modern Europe and America saw thousands tortured and sentenced to death, but what was a witch-hunt and why did this notorious practice happen?

People & Politics

The Myths Of Robin Hood

Hero, archer, lover, poacher, murderer, thief, vagabond… The story of Robin Hood has taken many forms through the ages, but is there any truth in the legend?


Win! The Kid On Blu-ray

3 copies of new western about Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett starring Ethan Hawke and Dane DeHaan up for grabs

Ancient Civilisations

Boudica Vs Rome – An Ancient Battle For Britain

In the single-minded pursuit of vengeance, the warrior queen of the Iceni massacred thousands of Romans and almost caused the empire to abandon Britannia entirely

People & Politics

The Quiet Genius of Maria Anna Mozart

Did Wolfgang’s sister teach him everything that he knew? We explore the life of the extraordinary woman in an incredible family

People & Politics

The Real Life Sherlock Holmes

A master of disguise and an expert in deduction, Detective Jerome Caminada pursued criminals relentlessly through the dangerous underworld of 19th-century Manchester

History of War

The Making Of Total War: Three Kingdoms

We speak with game director Janos Gaspar and writer Pete Stewart about their work in adapting the War of the Three Kingdoms into their latest strategy videogame

Medieval & Renaissance

Shakespeare’s Hidden Codes Of Rebellion

He may be England’s most celebrated writer, but did Shakespeare hide codes and double meanings in his work to subvert the establishment during a time of religious turmoil?

History of War

8 Joan Of Arc Myths Busted

Mistruths and legends about the peasant girl who led France’s armies and became a worldwide icon

People & Politics

The Dark Side Of Frank Sinatra

Rumours of Sinatra’s Mafia connections dogged his entire career and the legendary crooner certainly had connections to made men…

History Of Royals

The Hunt For The Real King Arthur

King, emperor, hero, god – the name King Arthur conjures an array of images, but just how much truth is there to this ancient legend?

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