All About History issue preview – Dark side of Da Vinci, Irish folklore, ancient Japan

Plus the Club Kids killer, medieval women, LGBTQ+ world-changers and much more!

The great polymath of Renaissance Italy, Leonardo da Vinci, is not someone who requires much of an introduction. His works of art are known around the world, from the Mona Lisa to the Last Supper. It’s also well known that he pursued disciplines beyond the arts, delving into science as well. But how far did he delve and what lengths did he go to?

These are just some of the questions we look to answer in the latest issue of All About History, available now at a newsstand near you and available to order from MagazinesDirect. Here’s a closer look at our Da Vinci feature and the other fascinating stories you can explore in All About History 141.

As well as creating some of the most celebrated and groundbreaking works of art of his era, Da Vinci also went to great, sometimes gruesome lengths to chart anatomy in nature. He also planned incredible weapons of war. We take a closer look at how Da Vinci was trained, how he melded art and science in his work and just how dark his work became as theory crossed over into reality.

A study of ancient Japan brings reveals a story where fact and fiction begin to mix. With incredible god kings and warrior queens, how much of this incredible story is real and what can be verified from the tales as being true history? Find out as we explore this colourful and exciting period.

Tales of fairies, leprechauns, banshees and more have been exported by Ireland over the centuries, but what are their origins and what do these mythical creatures tell us about the culture and history of the island itself? We take a closer look in this new issue.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s a new club scene cultural movement emerged: the Club Kids. It was colourful and vibrant. It was counter-cultural, provocative and experimental. But it all ended in a horrible murder. How did this come about? We investigate the full story.

What does a medieval prayer guide have to tell us about the lives of women in the 15th century? Quite a lot actually when that guide was written by one woman for another, a rare thing for the time. We speak with Dr Ben Parsons to learn more about this unique text.

Also in this issue of All About History:

  • We break down the world-changing era of the Victorians, from its technological innovations and the Great Exhibition to its celebrated authors and royal intrigues.
  • Who are some of the LGBTQ+ men and women who have had a material impact on our daily lives? We find out and celebrate their contributions to science and technology.
  • How might America and the world been different if the Salem Witch Trials hadn’t happened? Would there have been more trials in other places? Did this shocking story bring the practice to an earlier end? We explore the possibilities.

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