All About History issue preview – Tower of London, missing treasures, pirate hunters

Plus the curse of the Grimaldis, how children were saved from the Nazis, secrets of the National Gallery and much more!

It’s one of the great landmarks of London, welcoming three million visitors a year, but do you know the full story of what has gone on at the Tower of London? In All About History 142 we unlock the cell doors to discover the terror of being held captive in the Tower, why it was built and how its role in British life evolved over the centuries.

That’s just the beginning of what we get into in the latest issue of All About History, available now at a newsstand near you and available to order from MagazinesDirect. Here’s a closer look at our Tower of London feature and the other fascinating stories you can explore in All About History 142.

From the time of William the Conqueror to the last inmates of this prison palace, we trace the history of the Tower of London, who was held there, what happened to them and the many ways this iconic fortress was used over the centuries… including being home to an elephant!

From Aztec treasure to stolen paintings and the Ark of the Covenant to the first feature film, there are a number of lost artefacts from history that experts still hope to rediscover. Some are only hinted at in myth, others are much more concrete in their origins, but all are missing. We take a look at some of the most interesting examples and when they were last seen.

After the November Pogroms (Kristallnacht) a concerted effort was made to get vulnerable children, the vast majority of whom were Jewish, out of German controlled areas. The Kindertransport effort managed to get 10,000 refugee children into Britain, but how was this achieved and who were the men and women who made it happen? We speak with expert Mike Levy to get the full story.

Angus Konstam brings us the story of how the golden age of piracy was brought to an end. As the likes of Blackbeard, Charles Vane and ‘Calico Jack’ Rackham terrorised ships in the Western Atlantic, the British government developed a plan to bring them to heal. Clemency was offered on one side, and hardened seafarers, some with pirate backgrounds of their own, were waiting on the other. Discover what happened next in the latest issue.

It’s one thing to be unlucky in love, but the royal family of Monaco has experienced a long history of terrible couplings… and it may have all started with a curse. We take a look at the origins of the ‘curse’ on the Grimaldis and explain why so many believe the family and those that join it face an upward climb.

Also in this issue of All About History:

  • We explore the National Gallery to bring you stories of saving priceless paintings from Nazi bombs, art thieves, forgeries and more to mark its 200th anniversary.
  • Churchill had a plan to attack the USSR after WWII, but what if the suitably named Operation Unthinkable had actually happened? Find out in our latest What If history.
  • From tipping tea into Boston Harbor to crossing the Delaware River, we break down the American Revolution.

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