Win! The Kid On Blu-ray

3 copies of new western about Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett starring Ethan Hawke and Dane DeHaan up for grabs

History of War

D-Day’s forgotten Greeks

On 6 June, soldiers from 13 different Allied countries took part in the amphibious landings in Normandy – among them, brave exiled forces from the Mediterranean

Ancient Civilisations

Boudica Vs Rome – An Ancient Battle For Britain

In the single-minded pursuit of vengeance, the warrior queen of the Iceni massacred thousands of Romans and almost caused the empire to abandon Britannia entirely

People & Politics

The Quiet Genius of Maria Anna Mozart

Did Wolfgang’s sister teach him everything that he knew? We explore the life of the extraordinary woman in an incredible family

People & Politics

The Real Life Sherlock Holmes

A master of disguise and an expert in deduction, Detective Jerome Caminada pursued criminals relentlessly through the dangerous underworld of 19th-century Manchester


Win 5 classic war films worth over £93

In this issue, History of War readers have the chance to win a brilliant bundle of classic movies, brought into crisp 1080p quality on Blu-ray

History of War

The Making Of Total War: Three Kingdoms

We speak with game director Janos Gaspar and writer Pete Stewart about their work in adapting the War of the Three Kingdoms into their latest strategy videogame

Medieval & Renaissance

Shakespeare’s Hidden Codes Of Rebellion

He may be England’s most celebrated writer, but did Shakespeare hide codes and double meanings in his work to subvert the establishment during a time of religious turmoil?

History of War

8 Joan Of Arc Myths Busted

Mistruths and legends about the peasant girl who led France’s armies and became a worldwide icon

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