History of War

The Making Of Total War: Three Kingdoms

We speak with game director Janos Gaspar and writer Pete Stewart about their work in adapting the War of the Three Kingdoms into their latest strategy videogame

Medieval & Renaissance

Shakespeare’s Hidden Codes Of Rebellion

He may be England’s most celebrated writer, but did Shakespeare hide codes and double meanings in his work to subvert the establishment during a time of religious turmoil?

History of War

8 Joan Of Arc Myths Busted

Mistruths and legends about the peasant girl who led France’s armies and became a worldwide icon

People & Politics

The Dark Side Of Frank Sinatra

Rumours of Sinatra’s Mafia connections dogged his entire career and the legendary crooner certainly had connections to made men…

History Of Royals

The Hunt For The Real King Arthur

King, emperor, hero, god – the name King Arthur conjures an array of images, but just how much truth is there to this ancient legend?

Ancient Civilisations

10 Ways Ancient Greece Changed The World

Spread across the Mediterranean Sea in more than a thousand small city-states, the secret of the Ancient Greeks’ greatness lay in their extraordinary ambition and competitiveness

History Of Royals

Kate Williams Talks Rival Queens

We speak to bestselling author, historian and broadcaster Kate Williams about her new book, Rival Queens: The Betrayal of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the need for a new, modern perspective

History Of Royals

The Dangers Of Royal Inbreeding

From the Spanish Habsburgs to Queen Victoria’s grandchildren, how centuries of inbreeding and genetic mutation led Europe’s royal families to ruin

Medieval & Renaissance

Cnut: Emperor Of The North

1,000 years ago, a young Viking warrior became King of England. No one at the time can have expected how remarkable his reign would be…

People & Politics

10 Real-Life Crime Fighters

From catching criminals to improving prison conditions, these heroes transformed crime and punishment forever

People & Politics

Who Was Ada Lovelace?

Both a pioneer of the Computer Age and the daughter of Lord Byron, the world’s first computer programmer was a complex character

Medieval & Renaissance

Who Were The Viking Warrior Women?

Discover the the daughters of Freyja, their relationship with religion and their devotion to one Norse goddess in particular

People & Politics

10 Great Explorers In History

Follow the footsteps of some of history’s most influential adventurers who travelled by land, sea and air

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