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The legacy of the Berlin Wall

Iain MacGregor, the author of the new book Checkpoint Charlie and upcoming speaker at the Oxford Literary Festival discusses the impact the Berlin Wall had on the people of Germany and the Cold War as a whole

Ancient Civilisations

Boudica Vs Rome – An Ancient Battle For Britain

In the single-minded pursuit of vengeance, the warrior queen of the Iceni massacred thousands of Romans and almost caused the empire to abandon Britannia entirely

History Of Royals

The Hunt For The Real King Arthur

King, emperor, hero, god – the name King Arthur conjures an array of images, but just how much truth is there to this ancient legend?

People & Politics

The Other Churchill’s Finest Hour

How soldier-statesman John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, set an example of excellence and British military might that inspired his most famous descendant of all — Winston Churchill

History of War

Battle of the Bulge 1944: Hitler’s last gamble

In the frozen forest of the Ardennes, thousands of Wehrmacht troops made a final desperate bid to seize the crucial port of Antwerp and perhaps decisively defeat the Allies

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